Un par de noticias rápidas

by Adri-T el 5/07/2014 05:54:00 p. m.
No hay mucho que contar, pero bueno, ahí van un par de "noticias rápidas"_

- Actuacion en directo de Travis Barker tocando 'Main Chick' y 'Show Me'  junto a Kid Ink en Jimmy Kimmel Live.

- Entrevista a Atom Willard (ex bateria de AVA, ahora en Against Me!) en Punknews, donde dice que desde que Tom volvió con blink, las cosas en AVA dieron un giro y esto le llevó a dejar el grupo:
.You've played in a ton of different bands over the years. Why is that? Do you get bored easily? Is it restlessness?
I've been asked that a few times and what it really comes down to is that I've never been willing to settle. And by settle, I mean that I've always wanted the perfect situation where I'm creatively fulfilled and can do things I like to do and can speak my mind and be part of decision-making process for everything - t-shirt designs or songwriting or whatever. So I want that and I want to be in a good environment with people. I want to be around people who I get along with and I enjoy and I'm like-minded with. And after all that, I need to make a living. You can have the greatest time in the world with your friends, but if you can't pay rent, you can't go on tour. So it's really been a quest to find all of that. There have been a couple times when I thought, "This is it!" Like with Angels and Airwaves, I thought it was the best thing. We had the greatest time and all got along, but circumstances changed when Tom [Delonge] started back up with Blink [182] again and the whole thing took a different turn. So it's all of those things that have motivated me to move on. I'm just an idealist, I guess. [Laughs] I know it's out there - I can find it. [Laughs]

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